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Q: Why don't you call the never after series retellings?

A: Because they aren’t! Retellings are new versions that “retell” the original storyline. Even loosely, they’re following a story formula arc with the same general sequence of events as the original in a new setting.

I give nods to the original and draw inspiration from the scenes and characters (specifically the villains) but the story isn’t a retelling of the original.

It would be disingenous to label them as such. People would go in expecting a storyline they wouldn’t be receiving.

All of the Never After Series books are/will be inspired by a different villain from our favorite stories, but they are fractured fairy tales. Not retellings. 

Q: Do i have to read Hooked before reading the other never after books?

A: No. The Never After Series is a collection of complete standalones and can be enjoyed in any order. They are all in their own universes with entirely new characters and storylines. They are a series because they are all fractured fairy tale books inspired by different villains.

Q: What order should I read Sugarlake Series?

A: You can read them in any order, however since they are interconnected standalones, for a full reading experience, I recommend starting with Beneath the Stars, then Beneath the Stands, Beneath the Hood, and finishing with Beneath the Surface. 

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