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Happy Title Reveal Day!!!!!!


Hexed (A Never After Novel)

He's the prince of La Cosa Nostra. She's the witch who steals his heart.

From USA Today bestselling author Emily McIntire comes a dark and delicious fractured fairy tale of The Little Mermaid.

Releasing November 5, 2024

(Keep in mind this is an unedited excerpt that's subject to change)

Preorder the Barnes & Noble Exclusive Edition -->

Okay, real question. How many of you guessed it right? If you're wondering whether both character's are morally gray, they answer is yes. And it's INCREDIBLY fun to write.

I've been holding on to this title for what feels like forever (seriously, the cover was made over a year ago which...I can't wait to show you!)


Will there be audiobook? 

A: Yes, but I don't have any more details at this moment. 

Will there be a signed edition? 

A: I can't confirm that 100% right now because I'm waiting to see how my treatment is going with chemo etc. I will say that if you enjoy preorder incentivized options etc. there will be some! 

What's the Barnes & Noble Exclusive Edition? 

A: The B&N Exclusive Edition will feature an alternate cover (more details to come) It will be paperback, same size as the rest of the book series, and yes the cover is gorgeous, but was there ever any doubt? 

Preorder the Barnes & Noble Exclusive Edition -->

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